WARRIOR-Book Links & Guided Experience

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WARRIOR-Book Links



For a preview and sample freebie – one of the most helpful tools Doc Springer has developed based on her patients’ feedback, you can also click on “Next Module” and this “Welcome from Doc Springer.”

Welcome From Doc Springer

A Little Secret About Secrets

What Is Strength, Really?

The Myth of the Broken Ones

A Loaded Conversation

Shame On You

A Warrior Without Armor

Friendly Fire

Our Greatest Power

A Different Kind of War

Acknowledgements- The Love We Carry

Warrior Box Project


The Warrior Box an innovative intervention that is designed to help Veterans stay connected with the people and values they choose to live for. In creating a Warrior Box, Veterans:

• Accept their worth in this world
• Master the warrior within themselves
• Execute an effective action plan that is driven by their most sacred personal values

WARRIOR-Book Links & Guided Experience

The WARRIOR guided experience is a series of short videos, key summaries, and questions that are paired with each chapter in the book. Doc Springer developed this series to provide readers a guided learning experience. The book is sold separately via Amazon.

  • A series of short videos for busy people who need critical information in segments.
  • Straight talk about practical ways to face fear & stigma based on insights from walking through suicidal ideation, grief, depression, and PTSD.
  • Application Guide- Over 25 topics discussed. All designed to bring awareness and equip you with new tools to win your mental health battle.
  • Worksheets and simple practices to help you gain new insights on mental warfare, guilt and shame, depression, grief, addiction and so much more.    

Modules for this master guide 14
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