Win The Mental Health Battle You Are Facing

Win The Mental Health Battle You Are Facing

  • A series of short videos for busy people who need critical information in segments.
  • Straight talk about practical ways to face fear & stigma based on insights from walking through suicidal ideation, grief, depression, and PTSD.
  • Application Guide- Over 25 topics discussed. All designed to bring awareness and equip you with new tools to win your mental health battle.
  • Worksheets and simple practices to help you gain new insights on mental warfare, guilt and shame, depression, grief, addiction and so much more.

Each of these three warriors earned the trust of many who have walked this valley and came out the other side – that’s why they have come together to bring you a powerful bundle that equips you with strategies and solutions to Redefine Your Mission, Win Your Mental Health Battle, & Rebuild Yourself From The Inside Out.

20 Modules

Welcome from Jennifer

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The paperback version is recommended for this course.

Before We Begin

  • Roadmap To Recovery
  • Big Picture Goals plus bonus Cheatsheet
  • Chart Your Growth

Before we begin I want to run some diagnostic tests? Sound good?

Fill out these worksheets before you begin going through this course

Big Picture View- Depression, Anxiety, Grief and Pain.

  • Victories on The Hill (Holistic Solutions)
  • Psychology 101 (Nature vs Nurture)
  • The Dark Maze (Depression & Anxiety)
  • The Fury (Suicidal Ideation)
  • Acceptance (Grief)

Rock Bottom Experiences-Adapt, Change or Stay Stuck.

  • When Good Isn't Good Enough (Self-Compassion & Excellence)
  • Prepared (Perspective & Gratitude)
  • Scars People Can't See (Wisdom & Purpose)

God/Higher Power/Faith

  • The Broken Golden Rule (How Do we Love Others)
  • When God Ran (Unconditional Love)

Lasting Change- Strategies For Growth

  • Lasting Change (What does it take?)
  • Check Engine Lights (The Body Knows)
  • Insulin (Saving Your Life)
  • Lessons From The Rich Man (Group Therapy Lessons)
  • Addiction (Adding Fuel To To The Fire)

Having The Moral Courage To Pivot

  • Tell The Truth (Getting Penalized For Telling The Truth)

Life On The Other Side

  • Home 

What does it take to find life on the other side of grief, loss, pain, and trauma? Is it possible to find joy again?


  • Short Stories- Goon Too Soon, Social Media, Condemnation.
  • Prevention, Intervention, Postvention

Victories on The Hill

What I Learned From Psychology 101 When I Was 19

The Dark Maze

Acceptance- So You Can Live Again

When Good Isn't Good Enough

Scars People Can't See

The Broken Golden Rule

Lasting Change

Modules for this offer 20
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